Aquaculture Technician

Alternative Titles: Fisheries Technician

Aquaculture technicians are involved in freshwater and marine farming, hatchery management and research into farmed species.


They can be involved in research, equipment design, site development, and the harvesting, processing and shipment of products.

An aquaculture technician may perform the following tasks:

  • breed and raise marine organisms such as fish, eels, crustaceans, shellfish, pearl-producing shellfish, algae, crocodiles and turtles in artificial conditions
  • identify common diseases in fish and shellfish, and take the necessary steps to prevent problems which may occur in intensive farming
  • assist with experiments on nutrition or methods to control predators, parasites and other disease causing organisms
  • monitor the environment using oxygen meters, salinity meters, pH (acidity) meters and water chemistry analysis kits
  • maintain live feed and algae cultures
  • keep records of breeding, production and treatment programs
  • develop and implement systems of profitable farm management.

Aquaculture technicians may work outdoors in all kinds of weather. They may also work in a hatchery or laboratory environment. The work can be located in isolated areas. Heavy lifting can be involved. Shift work is common, including on weekends and public holidays.

Required Skills - Aquaculture Technician

  • a practical approach to work
  • enjoy science, and possess good observational skills
  • enjoy outdoor work and be physically fit
  • willing to work with computers

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